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Smartedge Lawn Edging

The question of whether or not to have lawn edging at all was a source of some debate between myself and Mrs H - but now we're both definitely firm converts to both the aesthetic and practical benefits. We have beds that drop from the lawn, so the style we wanted was the type that, when looking from the lawn side, no edging is visible (if you like it's the lawn edging equivalent of an "infinity pool"). The product we chose was Smartedge Black Lawn Edging  and the following brief blog describes how this novice fitted it and shows the result (including how the bed and edging have matured). We'd been creating beds from scratch and the first bed I did was in the same year that we'd created them (hence why the planting looks a little sparse). The picture below is of the first bit of edging I tackled - as you can see there was the potential for a nice smooth curve but it was all a bit scruffy. As I understand it, the Everedge metal edging  we sell on Gree

It's Time to Feed the Birds

It's that bird feeder time of year again folks, so here are a few pics I took last year - can you identify them all? Of course you can buy a great range of bird feeders and bird food at - and I know our feathered friends will be grateful if you do. This visitor doesn't come to the bird feeder, but I thought I'd throw him(?) in as a bonus!